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What is Farmhouse Style?
Thursday March 25th, 2021
A style that introduced rusticness, warmth, and traditional-chic all in one interior design. Farmhouse style is a classic inspired by country homesteads. Curating a relaxed and inviting presence, Farm ...
Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a new DIYer, it’s always good to get some tips and tricks before starting a new DIY project. AND when it comes to barn doors you’ve come to the right place. There ar ...
What is Mid Century Modern?
Tuesday March 9th, 2021
What is Mid Century Modern?Mid Century Modern is a unique home decor style that puts a modern spin on styles from the 1950s and 1960s. Think geometric shapes and furniture with tapered legs. With an i ...
Have you ever started a DIY project and realized you have no idea what you're doing or how to continue? I think we’ve all done this at least once. Some tutorials just don’t offer all the answers. But ...
The confusion behind pocket doors and barn doors stems from how similar the two operate and function inside the home. Both styles are great for optimizing space and enhancing the design of your home. ...
5 Reminders For Finishing Your Barn Door
Friday February 19th, 2021
Looking for a fun DIY project? Order your next barn door unfinished and finish it yourself. Finishing a barn door yourself comes with many perks. You’ll have a barn door that's the exact color or stai ...
Is a Barn Door Right for Your space?
Thursday February 11th, 2021
So you’re looking to upgrade your space, you’ve done some research on some easy DIY home improvement projects, and you’ve stumbled upon barn doors. What do you do?Below you’ll find a helpful guide whe ...
10 Trendy Laundry Room Ideas
Wednesday February 3rd, 2021
Your laundry room is probably one of your least favorite rooms in your entire home, for one reason and one reason only, LAUNDRY. If you’re like us, we only go in there when we need to put a load in or ...
5 Secrets to an Organized Closet
Monday January 25th, 2021
So you’ve decided to organize your closet? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We are all chasing that feeling of pure satisfaction we get when we’ve finished organizing, decluttering, or cleaning a ...
What is Grandmillennial Style?
Tuesday January 19th, 2021
As you may have seen on many different social platforms or media websites, millennials have flipped the tables on modern home decor and started incorporating old trends and fads into their home design ...
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