was formed in 1996 by a group of seasoned door  professionals.  We used the domain name of because  there was not one, all inclusive term for the variety of products we  specialize in.
To some this hardware is called “Barn Door Hardware”, to others it’s  “Industrial Hardware”, “Slide Hardware” or even “Heavy Duty Door  Hardware”.
The fact is that this site is dedicated to those hard to find and  even harder to get expert support on unique hardware accessories. This  site has been developed specifically to answer those door hardware  questions that are difficult to get experienced guidance on.
Our goal is to help you with proper technical details you need and  provide you with the right material at a reduced price.  Our company  sells our products on a world-wide basis.   Every country has a  requirement for our goods and we pride ourselves in our ability to meet  the needs of our international customers.
We make the effort to accommodate our customers with product  information, shipping cost and scheduling in your time zone, not ours.
We service the world.