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Where are you located?
We are located in Utah. Our address is 1520 N Main St. Springville UT, 84663
What is my shipping cost?
Shipping is free on orders over $200 within the contiguous US. Orders shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and all other offshore US territories need to be called in and shipping will be applied based on weights, dimensions and destination.
Do you ship Internationally?
Yes absolutely we ship worldwide! International orders must be called in and shipping costs will be applied to the order based on weights and dimensions for the shipment.
Can my order be shipped UPS or FED Ex Overnight?
Yes, once the order is manufactured. Call us for all RUSH orders. Shipping cost and rush fee (if applicable) will apply.
Can I use my own shipping account for my RUSH order?
Sure! Call us with your information immediately to ensure your order is placed correctly. A $10 third party shipping fee will apply.
What’s the difference between Barn Door Hardware, Flat Track, Sliding Door Hardware, etc?
Nothing! We coined the term “Barn Door Hardware” for our website back in 1996 when we introduced bringing exterior sliding hardware into homes and offices to save space or simply because it looked cool! It differentiated the exposed style vs pocket doors. All the kits and categories you see on our website do the same function, slide. Whether it’s listed under Flat Track, Sliding Door Hardware, Modern Hardware, Tubular Track…they’re all just a variety of styles with the same function, they all slide.
What track length should I order for my door?
Generally your track length should be double the width of your sliding door(s) unless you prefer otherwise. Every set-up is different and may require a specific length. If you’re unsure about sizing and would like assistance, call us at ########
How much should I oversize my door?
The doors overlapping (width and height) of your opening is to create privacy and aesthetics as well. If you’re unsure about sizing and would like assistance, call us (800) 891-8312
What is a Surface Headerboard?
It is a headerboard that you mount to the surface of your wall. Your track is then mounted to this headerboard. Sometimes it’s done for aesthetics, other times it’s done to accommodate the sliding of thicker doors/baseboards.
What are Wall Spacers?
Wall spacers make up the distance between the track and the wall. This distance allows your door to slide. For this reason we ask that you provide your door thickness, baseboard thickness and track mounting style (wall mount or surface headerboard mount) when ordering. These factors determine your wall spacer length. Our wall spacers are made to order, adjustable or include additional spacers on most of our kits.
Where are the doors and hardware made?
A variety of established hardware manufacturers throughout the United States and Germany.
What is the difference between interior only hardware vs interior/exterior hardware?
Interior only hardware kits are made with few nylon parts to quiet the slide or make for easier adjustments in the kits. The nylon components and colored finishes have not been tested for prolonged exterior weather exposure and can degrade. Our Interior/Exterior line of hardware is built for both. They are all steel kits and most hanger wheels have caged or sealed bearings as well as powder coated finishes. All kits can be used interior, however not all can be used exterior.
What’s normal delivery time?
Delivery time varies per hardware line. Our normal delivery time averages between 2-4 weeks. Rush shipments are available, call us to speak to a representative regarding rush options and costs.
What should I do when I get my delivery?
Check your material immediately. Shortages/damages need to be addressed within 48 hours of delivery.
What if there is a problem with what I ordered?
Call us, we want to resolve any problems you may be experiencing. We stand behind everything we sell and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We offer money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction.
Who says “You’re the Experts”?
We are the original Barn Door Hardware company and our seasoned staff has over 100 years of combined experience in this field.
Are custom sets available?
30-Day return policy for Hardware:
Eligible returns excluding damages and defects must be requested within 30 days of receiving the order. Eligible returns include kits in a standard finish, standard hanger with either a 6’ or 8’ track length. Standard finishes and standard hangers are listed as options when building your kit on our website. All other special finishes, custom hangers and track lengths are considered custom and non-returnable. 30% re-stock fee plus return shipping will apply on all eligible returns.
An RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) will be issued upon review. You must return the hardware and/or doors in new condition, with no damages. Once your returned hardware is received into our warehouse, you will be given a refund (less the restock fee) within 10 business days.
30-Day return policy for Doors:
All doors are manufactured and custom built to the size and specifications of the customer and therefore non-returnable. All Unfinished Doors are non-returnable and not covered under warranty due to high risk of warping if not stained, painted, sealed and installed in a timely manner.
To help ensure door quality, hang as quickly after receiving as possible.
If door is unfinished, stain or paint as quickly as possible to prevent warping.
What’s my Warranty?
All Rustica and Artisan Hardware Products visit this link If you have any concerns or problems with an order from us we want to resolve it. Please contact us and allow us to make it right. Other product warranties vary by vendor. Please contact us and we will help resolve any warranty questions or concerns.
I have never had a barn door before. Where should I start?
We are here to help throughout the day. Please give one of our sales reps a call at 1-801-406-3430, and they can direct you through the whole process with suggestions, ideas, and personal assistance through your whole order process.
How do I choose the width dimensions for my door?
It’s important to consider overlap with your door and the opening. We consider a standard of 2” overlap on each side of the door from the door opening width.
How do I determine which guide to use?
The first distinction in picking guides is choosing between, “Standard,” and “U-channel.” Most of the doors we produce are made with a slot on the bottom to accommodate for a standard guide. The next consideration to make is if you are okay to mount to the floor, or if you would prefer to mount into the baseboard, or wall. We also offer options with wheels. The wall mount double roller will require that you drill into the floor and wall, so please keep that in mind.
What are the dimensions of the guide slot cut at the bottom of the door?
We cut the slot to ¾” in depth and ¼” width.
Can I get door plugs for my door?
We can definitely send you door plugs for the sides of your door. They are not automatically sent and need to be requested. Please call in and talk to a service rep to receive those with your order. *We do not provide door plugs for the hex holes on the back face of the door. *Plugs will not be finished to match your door. A Touch Up kit will be provided.
How long should my track length be?
For a flush opening take your door width times it by 2 and subtract one side of overlay. example say you had a 3’0” wide opening and a 3’4" wide door, 40"x 2 = 80 - 2" = 78" or 6’6" of track. This way you have sufficient coverage when the door is closed but when you open the door it will come flush to the opening for a clean finished look. For a cased opening you will take the door width and times it by 2. This way when the door is closed the trim/casing is hidden but when you open the door you will expose all the beautiful trim work for a more traditional look.
Can my bolts match my hardware finish?
We supply black and zinc bolts that are matched with our different finishes, or provided specifically by request. We do not have an option of bolts to match with each finish selection.
What size should I make my door?
For a flush opening we typically recommend a 2" overlay on each side to act as a light, sound, and privacy barrier. This will make your door a total of 4" wider than the opening and 2" taller than the opening. You can also make the door just an inch taller if you are tight on clearance. Keep in mind that you will lift your door a 1/2" off the floor to allow it to roll. For a cased opening it is most popular and cosmetically appealing to make the door to cover all the casing. So you will measure from outside of trim to trim for the width and from the floor to the top of the casing for the height. Our doors are built on the inch so round up to the nearest inch if the exact measurement is unavailable.
How much clearance do I need for my hardware?
Different hardware styles require different clearances, If your ever in question please call in. Most of our Flat Track systems with a solid 3" wheel require 7.5" from the top of door (not the top of opening) to the ceiling to allow it to mount and roll without obstructions. The 4.5" spoked wheels on the Flat Track require 10" of clearance. Flat Track systems with exposed wheel hanger styles (where the hanger doesn't roll over the top) require 6.5" from the Top of Door to ceiling. Our mini system (shutters and cabinets) Requires 5.5" clearance from Top of Door to ceiling. Our J Track system that requires 5" clearance from Top of Door to Ceiling and the Low Clearance system only requires 3" of clearance.
is the weight rating on my hardware?
Once again there are different weight ratings according to the style you've selected. Please call in if your ever in question. Face Mounted Hanger: 300lbs. Top Mounted Hangers: 200lbs. Box Track: 200lbs. J Track: 150lbs. Mini Hardware: 150lbs.
When would I need additional hangers?
We advise doubling up on the hangers on any doors over 4’0” wide to help disperse the weight and prevent the door from warping on bowing in on itself over time.
Do I need a header?
Mounting your track to a header not only gives a more finished look but adds additional support to helping disperse the weight of the system and prevents crushing of the drywall on large or heavy door applications.
Do I order Pre-drilled Track Holes or No Holes?
If you are mounting straight into studs we suggest ordering “No Holes” and drilling the track holes on site to mount to your studs. We suggest ordering Pre-drilled track holes if you already have blocking behind your wall, or are using an exterior header.
What size should my spacers be?
The formula for your spacer size is Door Thickness + Trim/ Baseboard Thickness - 1/4" adjustable spacers sizes offered are 1.25"-2.5" anything Larger will need to be mounted to a header to cancel out the baseboard and trim or upgrade to our heavy duty spacers. Our heavy duty spacers are available in sizes 2.75"-3.75".
What should I do if I am unsure about which finish to choose?
We have samples for all of our finishes here: Finish Samples
When should heavy duty spacers be purchased?
Starting at 2-¾” extension from the back of your track and the wall you will need to purchase “heavy duty spacers,” or they will be included in your kit instead of the “standard adjustable spacers.” Heavy Duty Spacers are painted according to your hardware finish and function just as well as the standard design.
Can I use the spoke wheels with a bypass system?
We currently don’t have an option that supports our “spoked” hanger designs, but we are hard at work on a design that will make these hangers compatible!
What are the benefits of using the different style of wheels?
You have a few different options. Metal wheels can demonstrate the same texture and finish as your hardware. Nylon wheels only come in black, but they roll quieter than the metal. There is a hybrid design termed as a “slyder.” The design has a metal exterior and a nylon interior to provide the benefits of both options. Other options would include different metals like brass, or wood wheels.
Which stop should I select?
The standard stop is our most common option but is primarily intended with vertical edge hangers. The round stop is best used with the rounded edge hangers, and the adjustable stop is used to affix the stop at any point on the track, rather than being restricted to where your lag bolts fix to studs.
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