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Curved Barn Door Track and Hardware - Curved Sliding Door

About Curved

At Barn Door Hardware we offer the highest quality of curved track hardware. A special curved sliding door track can be fabricated to conform to practically any radius. With trolley capacities of 700 lbs. each, our ball bearing, and double shielded, prefabricated rollers are designed for a minimum service life of 2500 hours of operations.

Feel free to browse our product line up. Due to the complexities involved in ordering curved track order, please call 1.801.919.3085 to order curved or stacking track hardware systems.

How to Use a Curved Barn Door Track

No doubt about it, barn doors have quickly become one of the most popular elements in home and office decor today. Some people may associate barn doors with traditional or rustic style interiors, but many modern styles are available, including doors made with wood, metal, and glass. You can even choose a curved barn door track for use in circular rooms or rooms with arched walls. Here are a few standout ways people use curved barn door tracks in contemporary interior design:

6 Ways to Use a Curved Door Track

  1. Modern Professional Offices
  2. Loft and Studio Space Dividers
  3. Living Room and Kitchen Room Dividers
  4. Creative Closets
  5. Private Spaces
  6. Doors to the Outdoors
Creating a home or work environment that reflects your personal aesthetic can bring you immense enjoyment. If you love the look of a barn door but want a unique touch, a curved barn door track may be the perfect solution.

6 Ways to Use a Curved Barn Door Track

Many people wonder, "Can you put a barn door on a curved track?" The answer is yes! It allows you to enjoy the aesthetic appeal and space-saving convenience of a barn door, along with a less-common application that's sure to wow your guests. Adding eye-catching barn door hardware will only increase the appeal of your space.

Look around. You'll find curved barn doors everywhere, from sleek, contemporary offices to renovated older homes.

1. Modern Professional Offices

Far too many office spaces are boxy and nondescript, however, some exude modern, professional style. If you have opportunities to build or renovate a professional office, consider a curved barn door track to complement rounded rooms or curved walls.

A sliding door in an office creates an upscale appeal while saving space. Consider barn doors for executive suites, conference areas, and meeting rooms. A glass door in your reception area on a curved barn door track can make a memorable impression on everyone who visits.

2. Loft and Studio Space Dividers

City-dwellers and small-space lovers everywhere may find themselves dwelling in an all-purpose room that contains sleeping quarters and a living space, along with a kitchen and dining area. Even in a small studio or loft, you can create a functional home with room dividers. While a curtain or shelving unit can work as a temporary solution, a sliding barn door is ideal for tiny living environments.

Place a curved barn door system between your living and sleeping areas. You can open the door for the day to add space and light to your home, but close it while sleeping for complete privacy. Pair a curved sliding barn door track with modern barn door hardware for an on-trend loft or studio living space.

3. Living Room and Kitchen Room Dividers

You may love the idea of an open concept living and kitchen space, but realize that you need to divide those spaces at times. For example, your kitchen has a large window or sliding glass door, but you want a subdued or private environment in your living room to help you relax and unwind. A curved barn door track can be an optimum solution.

With a curved barn door between your kitchen and living room, you have the flexibility to open up your space for entertaining. You can also section off your spaces whenever you want more privacy or quiet time. It can create the best of both worlds in your open concept home.

4. Creative Closets

It's easy to overlook a closet door and leave it unadorned. Hinged doors are standard on closets, while some homes feature outdated sliding or folding door designs that are a true eyesore.
But a curved barn door track can take a ho-hum closet to an attention-grabbing feature in any room. Imagine a bedroom with a gracefully arching closet door as a unique focal point. Envision an office area with a curved barn door that offers both storage space and an appealing virtual backdrop. Put your creativity to work and explore the many ways you can transform a closet with a curved barn door track.

5. Private Spaces

In some areas of a home, you need a little extra privacy—even if you're already behind closed doors. When is extra privacy a good idea? Think about separate bathing spaces in bathrooms or changing areas within a bedroom. You could also section off a workspace or a place for reading, crafting, watching TV, or gaming in a larger room. While a screen or curtain wall can be a quick fix in these scenarios, a curved interior door is a more attractive, effective solution.

With a curved barn door track, you can divide your space when you need privacy and leave it open at other times. That way, you can have the best of both worlds: a closed-off area when necessary, but the opportunity to open up the space to enjoy extra space, light, and decor. This concept works exceptionally well in shared rooms, such as couple's bedrooms or family recreation areas. With a curved barn doorway, you can create an attractive, multi-functional space with a one-of-a-kind element that's big on design appeal.

6. Doors to the Outdoors

The entrances and exits to your home can be both functional and beautiful when you add curved barn doors. Imagine a curved sliding patio door connecting a living space with an outdoor seating area. Wouldn't a curved garage door offer tremendous curbside appeal and increase your home's value?

Many homeowners don't think much about the look and feel of an exterior door and stick with a traditional hinged door instead of upgrading. However, you should know that barn door options are available for home exteriors. These exterior doors feature heavy-duty barn door hardware and barn door pulls that can withstand the elements and bring enduring beauty to your home.

How Long of a Barn Door Track Do You Need?

Identifying the right door track length is one of the most critical things to do before purchasing a new door. You'll need to determine the width of your barn door first, then use that number to figure out the correct sliding door track length.

While you can take measurements on your own, it's wise to consult with a barn door professional before ordering your new door. These experts can review your calculations, view photos of your space, and provide guidance on which door, curved track, and barn door hardware kit will work best in your setting.

1. Assess Your Space

While traditional hinged doors fit in a doorway opening, barn doors require extra space. Ideally, you should have space equal to double the width of your door on a blank wall to the left or right of the door opening. That way, you'll have enough space to slide the barn door completely out of the way when it is fully open.

2. Measure your Door Width

Remember that your barn door itself will be wider than a normal door. This extra width ensures that light does not pass through when the door is closed. It's also essential to prevent any gaps to provide privacy in spaces that need it, such as bathrooms. Measure the open space for your door, then add four to six inches to determine your barn door width.

3. Determine Your Track Length

After determining your barn door width, you can determine track length. To calculate your track length, take the width of your door panel and double it. Then add four to six extra inches. Here is a simple formula you can use:
(Door width X 2) + (4 to 6 inches) = Minimum Track Length

You can always order a longer track, but this calculation gives you the minimum amount of track you need. Don't forget that you need to have enough wall space to fit your track.

4. Calculate Your Barn Door Height

Knowing the correct track length is critical, but so is choosing the correct height for your barn door. To determine the proper height, you'll need to know where you want your track mounted on the wall. Many people opt to position the track halfway between the top of the door opening and the ceiling. Double-check that this positioning works with the sliding barn door hardware you prefer, because some components have different lengths. Ensure that your hardware won't hit the ceiling so that your door will glide freely on its track.

You'll also need to measure from your planned track mounting spot to your floor. You don't want your door scraping against the floor, so it's a good idea to allow about one inch between the floor and the bottom of your barn door. That approach allows your barn door to slide freely on its track while ensuring it won't swing or sway during use.

Create an Amazing Space with a Curved Barn Door Track

Adding a barn door to your space is easy! And with the many styles of barn doors available in the marketplace today, you can easily find one that suits your personal style, whether traditional, rustic, ultra-modern or anything in between. While most classic barn doors fit flat walls, you can find curved styles that bring unique visual appeal to any space.

Where can you put curved barn doors? Just about anywhere! These eye-catching doors complement the style of modern offices, but they're just as ideal for many spaces in your home. If you live in a loft or studio, curved barn doors can separate sleeping quarters from living or dining areas. You can divide an open-concept space into two mini rooms with a curved barn door between your kitchen and living room.

Another idea: Create closets that make a statement with a curved door. Alternatively, you can section off a bathing or changing area with a curved barn door track to ensure privacy. Don't forget to explore the potential of curved barn doors for your home exterior. Think about a curved patio door or garage door. Put your imagination and creativity to work and consider the possibilities.

Whether you're decorating a home interior, exterior, or office environment, consider curved barn door tracks. They add a new dimension of appeal to the ever-popular look of barn doors. Soon you’ll have a standout space that impresses anyone who visits with a curved barn door track.
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