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Box Hardware

Husky 200 Box Track Sliding Door Hardware Kit
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Husky 200 Soffit Mount with Fascia Sliding Door Hardware Kit
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280 Sidewall Track and Fascia Sliding Door Hardware Kit
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Cavilock 500 Soffit Sliding Door Hardware Kit
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Cavilock 500 Dark Bronze Sidewall Sliding Door Hardware Kit
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Cavilock 500 Aluminum Sidewall Hardware Kit
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Pocket Frame and Hardware Kit
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300lb Sliding Hardware Kit
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600lb Sliding Door Hardware Kit
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1000lb Sliding Hardware Kit
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1500lb Sliding Hardware Kit
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4400lb Sliding Door Hardware Kit
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Soft Close B2993-200 Soffit Mount Hardware Kit
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Soft Close S2993-200 Sidewall Mount Hardware Kit
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Soft Close CCS2993-200 Sidewall Mount with Fascia Kit
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About Box Hardware

6 Reasons to Use a Box Track for a Sliding Barn Door

Barn doors are one of the best examples of functional décor available. When a sliding barn door is installed in a house, you instantly get to enjoy an updated look and a focal point that encourages conversation. But just as important as the door itself is the track the door rests on. Many people opt for a box track and for good reasons. Box tracks provide:

6 Reasons to Use a Box Track

  • Extra Stability
  • Maximum Weight Capacity
  • Protection for Moving Parts
  • Ease of Installation
  • A Perfect Complement to Any Barn Door
  • Enhanced Aesthetics and Style
Box tracks are not only one of the oldest sliding track systems, but they’re also one of the best track options for many reasons. While any track will pair perfectly with a sliding barn door, box tracks have a few distinct advantages. Depending on the type of door, its size, and the style you’re going for, a box track might just be the piece de resistance to complete your assembly.

6 Reasons to Use a Box Track for a Sliding Barn Door

1. Extra Stability

Box tracks are famous for their ability to hold sliding barn door units that weigh a lot. For this reason, they’re used in both residential and commercial settings. However, with their ability to hold a lot of weight, they provide another critical component—extra track stability for the doors mounted on them.

To picture how it works, the door panel hangs on rollers or hangers on the inside of the track. The track itself is mounted over the wall and door opening and is attached with brackets. These brackets fully enclose the top and sides of the track and wrap around to the bottom, providing the track itself with an extra layer of stability. This is critical so that the enclosed track stays solid and doesn’t become loose due to the weight of the door or because of repeated use. The entire door’s weight is held by the track alone, so brackets form a critical part of the support system.

Though you may choose to install a bottom guide or roller, the roller only stabilizes the swing of the door, not the weight. The roller ensures that the door won’t swing-out. It also prevents small children from swinging it outward when opening and closing it. Bottom tracks or rollers are optional but are always encouraged to provide track stability to the door when opening and closing it.

2. Maximum Weight Capacity

When you purchase a sliding door track, you should always double-check to make sure the track is rated for your door. Some doors, especially custom-made ones, are particularly heavy and require heavy-duty sliding door hardware. A box rail track is perfect for adding durability and increased weight and load-bearing capacity. Many box tracks can hold sliding barn doors that weigh up to five thousand pounds! That kind of weight is most often found with doors in commercial buildings, but it goes to reason that if a track can hold that kind of weight, it can certainly hold your barn door at home.

The heavier your barn door, the heavier-duty door track you’ll need. Lightweight glass and metal sliding barn doors won’t require the type of barn door sliding rail hardware that a solid oak double bypass door will need. On the flip side, however, if your barn door registers in the 200-pound capacity or higher range, heavy-duty rolling door hardware is advisable.

When talking about what you need for your barn doors, it’s important to remember that box tracks look great no matter what weight your door is. If you have a lightweight door and you want a box track, we say go for it!

3. Protection for Moving Parts

One of the best reasons for purchasing barn door box rail hardware is the extra layer of protection that the enclosed box track hardware provides. With regular rail tracks, the wheels and track are both exposed. As a result, the moving parts can tend to become dusty faster. If ignored for too long, the dust can build up and potentially cause the wheels to stop moving as fluidly. While this can be easily fixed by dusting, those who want a fuss-free system should opt for a box track system for low-maintenance operation.

The enclosed system shields the track and wheels from dust and dirt, meaning all parts from the trolleys to the track brackets remain clean for longer periods of time. When the barn door track hardware stays clean, your trolly and track will function at peak performance. Because of this feature, the box style is a highly requested door hardware kit for all styles of sliding barn doors, and we keep a large quantity in stock.

4. Ease of Installation

There is nothing quite like a box track with a barn door that perfectly slides from one side of the wall to the other. Rolling door hardware can make or break the way your sliding barn door functions and, improperly installed hardware will turn your awesome purchase into a frustration. Thankfully, with our barn door hardware kit, we provide you everything you need to install your box track right the first time.

Before you install your box track, it’s always a good idea to read the full set of instructions and take an inventory of each hardware piece that comes with your order, such as the metal track, bolts, spacer, door stops, wheels, fasteners, and brackets. If anything is missing, be sure to track down the missing parts before starting this project.

The best part about installation is that with as your manufacturer, we’ll provide everything you need for the successful installation of your barn door and box track. Not only do we provide crystal clear instructions along with all the hardware, but we also have plenty of experienced customer service reps available any time you need us. Ordering your track is just the first step, and we’ll be with you every step of the way until you finish installing your one-of-a-kind barn door and box track.

5. A Perfect Complement to Any Barn Door

If you spend any time on our website, you’ll notice that we talk a lot about the aesthetics and style of your sliding barn door quite a bit. That’s because whether you have a single or double door, a sliding barn door will add a tremendous amount of style to your home. They go well in any room and can be used anywhere from bedroom doors to closets, pantries, and cabinets.

To complete the look and feel you’re trying to achieve, you need to pair your barn door with the right hanging hardware. Thankfully, barn door rail hardware for cabinets, box rail sliding barn door hardware, and box rail bypass barn door hardware all pair perfectly with any style of door. Whether you have a French door made of glass and metal, a traditional farmhouse barn door made with weathered wood, or an elegant wine cellar door, sliding door track hardware will make a perfect pair.

Not only does the box style work well, but you can customize the look and finish of the hardware to complete the picture. If you’re going for a look provided by modern barn door hardware, consider purchasing an aluminum hardware kit. For modern yet rustic styles, a bronze look would pair exceptionally well. Keep in mind that the metal can also be weathered, antiqued, and styled to pair with any number of doors. Heavy-duty box track barn door hardware in no way limits you with what types of styles and looks you can achieve with your barn door.

6. Enhanced Aesthetics and Style

When it comes to sliding barn doors, the door is only part of the equation. Many people underestimate the power that the track has in completing the look, style, and aesthetic sought after in a home. While the barn door is what most people assume to be the key piece, it’s oftentimes the smaller parts, such as the barn door hardware, that brings the look together and creates the feel you’re going for.

Hardware should never be overlooked when it comes to finishing the look of your sliding barn door. A box track can lend a unique feel to your setup and goes incredibly well in both residential and commercial settings. If you want a unique method of hanging your door that might just attract a few compliments and questions, a box track is the way to go. If your home boasts a more modern look or a particularly heavy door and you want an accent piece to complement the door, a box track would rank high on our list of recommendations.

When hanging your door, imagine the completed style and feel you want to achieve. If you’re looking for something a little different than what standard barn door hardware has to offer, consider a box track for enhanced aesthetics and a unique style for your home.

Barn Door Box Tracks: A Cut Above

By now, you can correctly assume that we think sliding barn doors and box tracks were made to go together. They provide extra stability for your door, which can be incredibly helpful around children and in high-traffic areas. The maximum weight capacity is another bonus. Since these tracks can easily handle upwards of 5k pounds. Thanks to how much weight they can bear, you can install box tracks for barn doors in residential or commercial settings.

Box tracks are also ideal for providing extra protection from dust and debris for moving parts. They require very little maintenance to keep them clean, which is what many homeowners enjoy about these unique track options. They provide a very slick look and smooth operation when opening and shutting the door, and offer easy installation. Those who purchase these tracks can go from zero to installed in less than a day.

No matter what style you’re going for or what look you’re trying to achieve, box tracks perfectly complement any barn door. Glass and metal or traditional rustic wood sliding barn doors all look fantastic when paired with a box track. It’s easy to see how this option enhances the overall aesthetics and style of your barn door. And, as we all know, the better your barn door looks, the better your whole house will look!

Get ready to make your home look like it jumped off the pages of your favorite interior design magazine with these beautiful, sturdy tracks! No matter your style, you won’t go wrong by installing a sliding barn door box track to pair with your one-of-a-kind door.
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