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Barn Door Handles - Sliding Door Handles and Pulls

Agave Barn Door Handle
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Heavy Bow Handle
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Agave Ring Pull
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Agave Barn Door Pull
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Cast Iron Barn Door Flush Pull
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0535 Flush Pull
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470 Heavy Duty Flush Pull
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72 Flush Pull
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DSI-4253 Sliding Door Handle
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DSI-4251 Sliding Door Handle
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DSI-2000 Stainless Steel Door Handle
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DSI-1630 Curved Stainless Steel Handle
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DSI-4400 Stainless Steel Handle
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DSI-3330 Stainless Steel Handle
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DSI-3310 Stainless Steel Handle
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RH-760 Stainless Steel Handle
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MP-500/750/1000 Stainless Steel Handle
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Asta Pull
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Olav Pull
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Ebba Stainless Steel Pull
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Inger Stainless Steel Pull
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About Handles

Barn Door Handles and Pulls for Every Home Style

Sometimes the smallest touches can make the biggest impact on home decor. Any homeowner who wants to give a space in their home an immediate style upgrade should consider a new barn door with barn door handles and barn door pulls. Here are 15 popular home design styles that you can complement with the right barn door accessories:

15 Barn Door Handles and Pulls for Every Style

  1. Rustic
  2. Contemporary
  3. Modern
  4. Mid-Century Modern
  5. Industrial Chic
  6. Craftsman
  7. Bohemian
  8. Traditional
  9. Scandinavian
  10. Beach or Nautical
  11. Shabby Chic
  12. Southwestern
  13. Vintage
  14. Hollywood Glam
  15. Victorian
The good news is that adding barn door pulls or handles can be an affordable style refresh for any barn door. In fact, if you have basic do-it-yourself (DIY) skills and a few standard tools, you can easily handle this upgrade yourself. You can add new barn door handles or pulls to a purchased barn door kit or ones you've made yourself. Once you have chosen your barn door pulls, you can follow the instructions to install them and enjoy a brand new look for your favorite room.

15 Barn Door Handles and Pulls for Every Style

Barn doors have become one of the most sought-after design upgrades in homes of every style. While you can manipulate a sliding barn door without handles or pulls, it's not always convenient, especially for children or senior adults. You only have to imagine how awkward it would be to open most doors without a doorknob to understand why barn door pull handles are a necessity in almost every instance. Adding a door pull or handle can make your sliding door easier to use for everyone in your household.

Without question, adding barn door handles or barn door pulls is a cost-friendly way to add a custom touch to any room. But you shouldn't just opt for the first door handle option you see. Think about the look and feel of your room, then review different options for barn door handles. Also, think about your existing barn door hardware kit, and consider a coordinating hardware kit. With so many styles and colors available today, you'll be sure to find the perfect sliding barn door pulls to suit your favorite decor style.


When people picture barn doors, they often visualize rustic rooms, like those you might find in an old farmhouse, barn, or log cabin. There's no doubt that a barn door fits perfectly in most rustic homes. You may also find elements like exposed beams, wood flooring, and stone walls or fireplaces.

If your space has rustic vibes, what kind of barn door pull should you choose? Classic iron barn door pulls work well, especially when they have a black or gray finish. Also, consider unfinished, raw steel for indoor use, and a coated raw steel for outdoors. You may also find barn red, faded red, or forged styles which are perfect choices for rustic barn door handles. Ring-style rustic barn door pulls are another excellent option for rustic homes.


If you prefer a contemporary style, you crave a space that has an of-the-moment feel. You may adapt elements in your home to align with current trends. Most likely, your home will be full of open spaces, natural light, and a neutral color scheme.

Often, contemporary home designers choose very dark or very light woods to provide a backdrop for intriguing furniture or lighting elements. Another hallmark of contemporary design is the use of metal accents. What better way to showcase your contemporary home style than through metal barn door handles or pulls?

You may gravitate towards sleek mounted or flush barn door pulls for your contemporary home. Consider brushed stainless steel barn door handles or look at gold or copper to complement the colors and metals in your rooms.


Yes, there is a difference between modern design and its contemporary cousin. A typical modern-style home features a sleek, simple, and elegant look. Most contemporary homes avoid clutter and excessive ornamentation, although you may find some statement art pieces for visual appeal. Color palettes trend neutral, though bold or primary color accents are popular for designers.

Black and white are mainstays of the modern design color palette and good color choices for your modern barn door handles. You'll likely seek out streamlined and modern barn door pulls or handles in flush or mounted styles. If you want to vary from classic flat black or white pulls, gray, distressed white, or brushed steel may be good choices for your modern home. You can add modern barn door hardware for a complete look.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century modern style emulates the classic look of 1950s and 1960s decor. Often, people who love mid-century style will choose a home from this era and fill it with period-inspired furnishings. Crisp lines, natural-shape furniture, and lots of wood are hallmarks of mid-century modern style.

Designers often choose metals that complement a mid-century home's retro feel. You may find metal lamps, trays, and wall decor staged throughout a mid-century modern home. If you love mid-century, consider gold, copper, or brushed steel barn door handles for an eye-catching look that exudes retro appeal.

Industrial Chic

The industrial style started to grow in popularity in the late 20th century, as urban centers began converting old warehouses and factories into living spaces. Often, designers and architects kept elements of the rooms' prior use. So, industrial homes often have exposed brick walls, pipes, wiring, and beams.

To stay true to an industrial chic style, consider barn door handles with little ornamentation. Consider barn door pulls that resemble machinery handles for an authentic industrial look. For colors, look at flat or shop black, gray, brushed steel or stainless steel, or bonded chrome. Distressed handles for interior barn doors can complement the beams and brick in an older, renovated building, while forged barn door pulls can be reminiscent of your home's industrial history.


Craftsman-style homes first gained popularity during the arts and crafts movement of the late 19th century. Although they recall a prior era, these homes are still extremely popular today. Why? Most Craftsman homes combine an open floor plan with convenient built-ins, plenty of natural light, earthy color schemes, and natural elements.

As you can imagine, barn doors fit right into a Craftsman home. Traditional Craftsman homes prioritize "function over form." That means that most decor elements serve a purpose rather than embellishing the space. For that reason, simple, classic barn door handles or pulls work well in a Craftsman space. Choose colors that blend in rather than stand out, such as flat black, gray, oil rubbed bronze, or other hues that coordinate with your space.


Bohemian, or boho, style is known for its eclectic, mix-and-match style. In a boho home, you'll often find varied decor styles, flea market finds, contrasting prints, and lots of plants. Wood, rattan, and metals bring character and texture to many boho homes. The result is a vibrant yet cozy home unlike any other.

Because boho style is adaptable, you can choose unique barn door handles for your home. You may want to opt for more ornamented or textured barn door pulls for a well-lived-in vibe. A Southwestern, leather-wrapped style can provide a fusion of old and new that works well in a boho home.

Since boho is more about contrast than matching, you can take your pick of colors for your barn door handles. If you want a metal look, gold, copper, or bronze barn door handles can exude the warm, relaxed feel that characterizes many boho homes.


Traditional homes evoke classic 18th and 19th European decor styles. Often, these homes feature elegant furnishings, elaborate moldings and trim, and patterned floors. A traditional-style home usually has dark woods, statement artwork, built-in features, and standout architectural details.

What barn door pulls work best in a traditional room? Look for styles with conventional elements rather than more modern or rustic ones. You may want to consider barn door handles embellished with a fleur-de-lis or go for a vintage look. Symmetry is a common feature in the traditional style, so double doors with identical barn door handles can complement this aesthetic.

Since elegance and color coordination are hallmarks of a traditional style, choose handle colors that match your decor or other metals in the room. Modern gold or champagne barn door pulls for barn doors are two good options for your traditional home.


As you'd expect, Scandinavian decor style takes inspiration from homes in Nordic countries. A typical Scandanavian-style home has white as its primary color, with bolder colors used as accents. Large mirrors, wood flooring dressed up with rugs, and simple, functional furniture are Scandinavian-style elements. Often, Scandinavian homes feature light, warm woods for both floors and decor pieces.

The door handles for barn doors that you choose for your Scandinavian home should complement the light, warm feel of your space. Avoid heavy metals, like iron, and dark colors, like black and opt for thin, minimalistic door pulls instead. Skinny, symmetrical barn door handles in bonded chrome or white can be an ideal accent for a Scandinavian home.

Beach or Nautical

Homes near the ocean often have a relaxed, airy vibe with splashes of blues or other bright colors. Natural light and natural accessories, such as rope accents and rattan, fit well in a beach-style home. You may also find dark woods fitting that recall the planks of boats in homes near the sea.

Barn doors can feel right at home in a casual, colorful beach or nautical home. You can choose white or distressed white door handles for sliding barn doors for a clean yet relaxed look.

Shabby Chic

People who love vintage furniture, distressed furniture, and a feminine feel may gravitate towards the shabby chic decor style. This aesthetic often features handmade or crafted pieces, along with floral prints and pale palettes that mix white and pastels. Often, shabby chic aficionados will blend modern and vintage elements while choosing decor with scuffed or imperfect surfaces for a well-worn, well-loved feel.

For that reason, you may find that barn door handles with a scuffed or worn finish fit the vibe of a shabby chic room or home. You can search for vintage barn door pulls or choose newly-made ones that look old. Check out pulls or handles in distressed white, mountain gold, or glacier tones. You can also consider unfinished raw steel if you have other black or dark-colored elements in your space.


Southwestern-style homes evoke the natural, rugged feel of life in the desert. Most often, you'll find these homes filled with rich, warm tones, like orange, gold, or red. Ornate metal grillwork on home exteriors and iron or metal accessories are standard features of Southwestern style. You'll also often find striking tapestries or rugs used as statement pieces.

If you have a Southwestern-style home, iron barn door handles can be an excellent choice, especially for dark wood doors. You can also play up the warm color palette by choosing faded red or a huntsman orange tone. Leather-wrapped or braided door pulls can also look fabulous in a Southwestern-style room.


Vintage styles are often clean and simple, with elements deliberately chosen to evoke days gone by. Antiques are a classic choice for these homes, along with old frames, black-and-white photographs, and open shelving. You'll often find people who love vintage style scouring flea markets or antique stores on weekends and bringing home unique finds to showcase in their homes.

While vintage homes definitely evoke the past, they're often full of curated collections of unique elements. There's no one-size-fits-all way to choose barn door handles for your vintage home. While you can find antique or vintage barn door handles, you can also source new models that fit into your home decor.

Consider distressed tones, like glacier or distressed white, to complement the natural imperfections of older furnishings and decor elements. Or choose classic yet simple, iron barn door handles for a rustic yet enduring feel.

Hollywood Glam

If you love luxurious textures and over-the-top decor statements, you may feel drawn to Hollywood glam style. As the name implies, Hollywood glam epitomizes the luxury you'd expect to find in the home of one of the world's most famous movie stars. Often, these homes feature Victorian elements, along with plush fabrics, antiques, and bold color palettes.

If you have barn doors in your Hollywood glam home, the door pulls should radiate opulence and glamor. Modern gold is always a safe bet, but champagne or copper can add the shine of a luxury metal with a distinct, statement-making color.


Stepping into a Victorian home often feels like stepping into history. Although a less popular style for new homes, the Victorian style is popular among history-lovers who want to preserve the original character of late 19th-century dwellings. A classic Victorian home features large furniture features, intricately patterned wallpapers, extravagant accessories, and vibrant colors.

To align with the look of a Victorian home, you'll likely want to choose solid, heavy door pulls or decorative barn door handles with design flourishes. Select coordinating colors and metals, such as black, gold, or antique pewter. Although you can find Victorian-era antique barn door pulls, you can also choose contemporary ones that fit perfectly into your home decor.

How to Install Barn Door Handles

After selecting your barn door pulls, you can prepare to install them. If you've ever used a drill to install a hinge or assemble a simple shelf or cabinet, then you definitely have the skills to install your barn door handle. The installation process is an easy DIY project, but preparation is key to success.

If you've purchased a pre-made barn door, you may have received a barn door hardware kit with mounting hardware. When you make your own door or buy new handles, you may need to acquire a few screws from a hardware store to complete your project. Gather all the tools and supplies you need and follow a simple step-by-step process.

Step 1: Measure

Make sure that the barn door pull you choose aligns with the size of your door. Standard-height doors, which are approximately 80-inches high, typically look best with door pulls between 10 and 13 inches. Larger 96-inch doors use pulls that measure between 16 and 22 inches, while 10-foot barn doors often have large barn door handles between 24 to 48 inches long.

Also note that you'll need to affix your door handle or pull to a wood door surface. This is easy if you have a wooden door, but you may need to affix wood to a glass door before installing your door pulls or handles.

Step 2: Align Your Handle

Determine where you want to place your handle on the door. Mark the places on your door where you'll need to add screws. In general, most barn door handles are placed between 34 and 48 inches from the floor, but consider the needs of everyone in your home when deciding where to position your door handles.

It's essential to make sure that your door pull is straight for visual appeal and proper functioning. Use a leveler to make sure that you align your door pull appropriately.

Step 3: Drill Holes and Attach Your Door Pull

Use the guides you've marked on your door to determine where you need to drill. After drilling holes in the wood, add your handles and screw them into place. Most barn door handles require only a few screws to affix them to the door.
If you’ve purchased a double door, you’ll want to repeat the instructions above for the second door before hanging both in the door opening.

Step 4: Add an Optional Lock

In some situations, adding your barn door pull may finish your project. Other times, however, you may need to add a privacy lock. You may find door locks are helpful for a bedroom or bathroom entry door but less necessary for room dividers between your kitchen and living room or a closet door.

While you may need a deadbolt for an exterior door, a simple hook-and-eye latch can be enough to secure an interior door and ensure the privacy you need. To install this door latch, you'll need to measure and mark where you want to place the two components of your lock. You'll be affixing the hook to the door and the latch to the wall beside the door.

It's essential to ensure that the hook and eye latch line up precisely for your lock to work. Once you have the proper alignment, you can drill and add screws, just like you did with your barn door handle.
Now that you know how easy it is to install barn door handles and locks, you can consider these simple hardware upgrades throughout your home!

Choose the Right Barn Door Handles and Pulls to Match Your Personal Style

Today, barn doors are popular among interior designers and homeowners alike for a good reason. You can add barn doors to every room in your home or use them on your home's exterior. In homes worldwide, barn doors divide living spaces, provide stylish fronts for closets, or exits to the outdoors. With the broad range of barn door styles, colors, and accessories in the marketplace, you're sure to find one that suits your space.

While your barn door will be an eye-catching part of any room, you should select accents to complete the look. One of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to update your space is by choosing a new pull handle for your barn door. Whatever your style—from rustic and earthy to sleek and contemporary—there are barn door pulls and handles that are just right for every room in your home or exterior spaces, such as a patio door or garage door.

Before you purchase barn door pulls, take time to consider the style of your home or room. Although barn door handles are small in scale compared to furnishings and statement pieces, they are essential details that should complement your space. There are many interior barn door pulls and handles to explore and a wide array of colors. You might also consider looking for barn door handles that can withstand the elements for an exterior door. You can choose everything from sleek metal, to classic black and white, to distressed and forged looks or leather-wrapped barn door pulls.

Keep in mind that installing barn door handles is a reasonably easy DIY project. With the right tools, barn door hardware, and know-how, you can upgrade your barn door handles in minutes. If needed, you can add a hook-and-eye door lock for added privacy.
Every home is a place to relax, enjoy special times with loved ones, pursue interests, and entertain. Your home should be a place that reflects the true you. Adding new interior barn door handles is the perfect way to make your home a living space you can call your own.
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