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Artisan Sliding Ladder Metal


Artisan Sliding Ladder Metal

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Artisan Sliding Ladder Metal By Artisan


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The Artisan Sliding Ladder Metal is perfect for those hard to reach places. This ladder effortlessly slides along its track, making it incredibly user-friendly. Handcrafted in the USA and completely customizable to fit your needs. The Artisan Sliding Ladder Metal adds dimension and style to any room.
**This ladder is not designed for commercial use**

5 Reasons Why We Love Decorative Metal Ladders

Decorative metal ladders have been used for ages, loved by all, and never seem to fade from popularity. We can understand why! They are incredibly versatile, they look fantastic, and you can do so many things with them. We love decorative metal ladders for many reasons including:

5 Reasons Why We Love Decorative Metal Ladders

  • Modern Industrial Look
  • Ability to Reach High Places
  • Rolling Capabilities
  • Décor possibilities
  • Light Storage Options
You might be surprised by just how much you can do with a decorative metal ladder. With a few tips and tricks, you can make a simple ladder look like a one-of-a-kind statement piece. When your ladder looks great, any area you put it in will look great, too.

Boost the wow appeal in your house by adding a multi-purpose decorative latter to any area in your home.

1. Modern Industrial Look

Decorative metal ladders are a unique mix of simple, charming, modern, industrial, and rustic all at the same time. Just like a solid wood or wooden ladder, the metal version can fit into nearly any décor scape in your home, and it goes with a myriad of architectural styles. Those who have high ceilings can benefit tremendously from adding one of these charming features in their homes just as much as those with average, eight-foot ceilings can benefit.

Want to change your style from modern to something a bit more frilly, French, or rustic? Not a problem. Rolling ladders will fit in there, too. Every home can enjoy the added look a rolling ladder provides, and every room it adorns will be all the more enjoyable to be in.

2. Ability to Reach High Places

It goes without saying that ladders are useful. If you need to reach an area that is higher than you can tip-toe (or even higher than a step ladder) then consider a full metal ladder. This useful feature can be applied anywhere and everywhere in a house where you need to reach a high spot.

In the Kitchen

Think a ladder in the kitchen is impossible? Think again! Ladders might just be the missing ingredient when it comes to enjoying a fully functional kitchen.

Many people have plenty of cupboard space high up, and the pots, pans, vases, and items that get stored on the top shelves often don’t see the light of day for years at a time. After all, these items are far too high to be conveniently accessed on a regular basis. Until now. With a metal ladder, you’ll be able to reach those high cupboards, out of the way spaces, and inconvenient areas without risking life and limb by standing on a chair.

In the Living Room

Depending on your living room setup, you might have high spaces that are difficult to reach, such as floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, built-in niches in the wall, or blank space that you want to fill with décor pieces, pictures, lighting, and seasonal motifs.

If you need to access this space frequently, a sliding ladder will be far more convenient, accessible, and easier to use than purchasing the toughest ladder in the world and lugging it into your house from its space in the garage. An industrial extension ladder or aluminum ladder is often too heavy to lift, too unwieldy to use, and too inconvenient to pull out.

A sliding wall ladder, on the other hand, gives you all the benefits of portable ladders while eliminating the hassle of storing it or getting it out when you’re ready to use it. Even a simple folding ladder isn’t very convenient. Don’t dread switching out seasonal wall décor, changing up your curtains, or putting up that brand-new family picture on canvas you bought. With a metal ladder, you can conveniently reach those hard-to-reach spaces with ease.

In a Bedroom

Bedrooms are famous for having areas that are too high to reach. While you may store items you only need seasonally, those things often get ignored even when it’s time to pull them out. Having a metal ladder will solve the dilemma, giving you complete access to all the high areas in your extra-large walk-in closet while adding a bit of flair.

In a Wine Room

Are you one of the lucky few to have a wine room or wine cellar in your home? If so, you can’t possibly pass up the opportunity to have a metal ladder.

Just imagine: you put some of the best vintage bottles at a height just out of reach, and then you keep adding sky-ward. By the time you know it, your wine cellar is overflowing with bottles you want to enjoy during dinner parties, but they’re often so high up, you leave them where they are. Don’t let height deter you from enjoying the best of your collection. Install a rolling metal ladder and there won’t be one square inch of your floor-to-ceiling cellar that is inaccessible.

 In a Study

Love your extra high bookshelves but get frustrated when you need something that is out of reach in your workspace? A wall ladder will help you reach everything placed along the rolling track without getting in the way of furniture. No more files, books, papers, or binders that are too far away for your use when you have a metal library ladder. Just be sure to practice ladder safety when accessing something up high and keep yourself safe.

3. Rolling Capabilities

One of the charms of a decorative metal ladder is that they roll along a track. This makes it perfectly useful for a wide variety of applications, from decorating to accessing a large area of high spaces. Need to decorate and string lights over your bookcase for Christmas? No problem. Move the ladder down the line and string as you go. Want to change up the décor in only one area? Slide it over and climb on up. Need to access a book on the highest portion of your bookcase? Or reach that piece of décor in the niche that you haven’t dusted? Done and done.

The sliding feature on rolling ladders makes these items one of the most versatile and functional items you can have in your home. Whether used for décor, reaching items up high, or making parts of your home more accessible, you can’t go wrong by installing one.

4. The Decor Possibilities

Of all the many ways a decorative metal ladder brings joy to homeowners, decor possibilities are the favorite of many. These decorative ladders aren’t just functional and useful, but beautiful, simple, modern, and classy. They can add flair to a room that would otherwise be lacking and boost its overall appeal just by being present. In addition to looking incredible just by being a ladder, it can also be a wow-factor when included as an item of décor.


Add cute baskets and hang them from each step by wire or ribbon. Filling them with items such as bath salts, candles, and seasonal décor. Place shelves on the steps instead to create a platform for succulents, home décor signs, and candles. If you don’t want to add shelves but still want a pop of greenery, you can hang potted plants in macramé hangers, instead.

Living Room

Using a decorative metal ladder in the living room can provide you with numerous opportunities to bump up your décor game. While you can display books and home décor items, there’s one trick, in particular, that will have your room and your ladder looking amazing.

Take picture frames and add wire hangers. Hang one frame in between each step from the top to the foot for a unique, temporary photo gallery. Use this for birthday parties or anniversary get-togethers to highlight the person or people you’re celebrating.


Add shelves for a unique way to show off pictures, trinkets, and favorite sentimental décor from trips you’ve taken. For a more rustic feel, add wood shelves to your ladder and create a DIY metal and wood ladder shelf.

You can also hang a special article of clothing, hats, and other items from each rung of the latter for a personalized and ever-changing display. Look forward to a special event by displaying your evening dress and your husband’s tux or reminisce over recent memories by displaying a special honeymoon or date night outfit.

5. Light Storage Options

You might not think of a ladder as capable of much storage, but with a few tips and tricks, you can turn your decorative metal ladder into a light storage area. These tricks are for housing a few “extras” that you aren’t sure where to place. For your safety, don’t overload the ladder with too many items.


There is no end to the options you have with a ladder in your bathroom. Hook varying sized metal wire baskets onto each step to store extra towels and washcloths. Add shelves to display succulents and wicker baskets with items like extra soap and toilet paper for a guest bathroom. Finally, hang towels off each rung to create a towel ladder just as you would with a metal blanket ladder.

Not only will you increase the space in your cupboards by displaying these items creatively, but you’ll also make your bathroom look like it came straight out of a home décor magazine.

Living Room

With a few tweaks and DIY hacks, you can transform your metal ladder into a metal ladder bookshelf. Display your favorite books or ones you’re currently reading, rotate them with the seasons, or display your all-time favorites. No matter what you do here you can’t go wrong.


Need a place to hang all of your beautiful scarves or want to create a functional-yet-beautiful, seasonally-changing scarf-rack? Use your ladder! You’ll have a never-ending motif of options for displaying your seasonal warm scarves in winter and light, airy scarves during spring and summer.

What about blankets or quilts? Rather than keeping them on a shelf in the closet, display them and store them at the same time by turning your ladder into a metal blanket ladder. Swap out the blankets you display as seasons change for a rotating presentation of your cozy collection.

Make Your House a Home with a Metal Ladder

What turns a house into a warm, cozy, personalized home? It’s the simple, unique, thoughtful, and small touches you add to it that incorporates your unique style and personality. Decorative metal ladders present you with multiple opportunities to personalize each room in your home. Whether you want to use the ladder to reach those hard-to-reach places, provide yourself with a creative way to store a few items, or choose to display seasonal or sentimental décor, you won’t go wrong.

Decorative metal ladders provide an instant wow-factor for any room as soon as you enter. Your guests are sure to appreciate your trendy, modern style. Personalize your home, room by room, and these ladders are sure to be a big hit with everyone from family members to weekend guests.
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