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7 Places to Use Barn Door Window Shutters

Monday February 14th, 2022
Barn door window shutters are fun and functional decor pieces that not only protect your window, but also add a bit of flair wherever they’re installed. They blend into your current decor scheme and you can customize them to reflect your personal tastes from overall style to color. We love the look of barn door window shutters when they’re installed to complement:

7 Places to Use Barn Door Shutters

  1. Kitchen Windows
  2. Bathroom Windows
  3. Floor to Ceiling Windows
  4. Exterior Window Decor
  5. Pool House Windows
  6. Playhouse Windows
  7. She Shed Windows
The options for where you can install barn door window shutters are truly limitless, and doing so only depends on your own eye for design. Do you think your kid’s treehouse could use a bit of farmhouse flair? Install barn door shutters. Want to upgrade your shed or garage? Perhaps you’ve got an outbuilding that could use a boost, or you want to give the front of your house some serious curb appeal. No matter where you want to install barn door shutters, we’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong.

What Are Barn Door Shutters?

Barn door window shutters are specially designed shutters made to look like barn doors that cover your entire window on the inside or outside. They slide across the window to completely cover the glass panes and block all light and visibility. Just like a sliding barn door, interior or exterior barn door window shutters slide along a rail to either side of the window when you want to let sunlight in or enjoy fresh air wafting through your screen.

More than decor, barn door shutters are functional because they contribute to the stunning look of your home and serve a clear purpose. When installed on the inside or outside of your windows, window shutters can be closed to increase privacy in the home. When installed on the outside of a window, they prevent storm damage and provide an extra layer of weatherproofing.

While you may be familiar with stationary window shutters that provide a unique look and upgraded decor for the front of a home, barn door shutters are fully functional. Whether you install exterior barn door shutters or interior barn door shutters, sliding barn door shutters are practical by design and are built to be used on a daily basis. If you like the look of window shutters and want to get rid of the interior blinds in your home, indoor window shutters just might be the answer you’re looking for.

What Styles Do Barn Door Shutters Come In?

One of the best things about installing barn door shutters is that the style can be customized to fit a wide variety of home styles.

Farmhouse: Barn door shutters naturally appeal to those who decorate with a farmhouse style due to the fact that these shutters resemble sliding barn doors. You can further complement the overall style by choosing farmhouse decor hardware, including the pulls, track, and rail system.

Modern: There are many barn doors that can be customized to reflect a modern look and feel. A barn door shutter pair doesn’t have to be inherently farmhouse in style. Choose designs that complement a modern decor scheme with clean lines, a sleek appearance, and hardware that matches the modern look you’re going for.

Contemporary: Contemporary shutters will complement an open, modern home design. A contemporary look and feel can be created for your indoor shutters or outdoor barn door shutters by choosing complementary colors that blend into your home, contemporary styled barn door hardware, and clean, classic shutter styles.

Industrial: Industrial style homes can also benefit from installing sliding barn door shutters inside or outside window spaces. Industrial styled shutters will rely heavily on the use of dark metal for hardware and appropriate color choices that match with the inside or outside of your home.

7 Places to Use Barn Door Window Shutters

1. Kitchen Windows

One of the best places to install shutters is over your kitchen windows. Depending on the direction of your kitchen, you may enjoy the early morning light that brightens up the kitchen while you’re busy getting ready for work in the morning. But if your kitchen faces west, you might find yourself staring into the blinding afternoon sun just in time for dinner prep.

If you find yourself squinting to block out the light of the afternoon sun, it might be time to install barn door shutters as a window treatment. Farmhouse shutters might be just what you’re looking for to bring the aesthetic of your kitchen up a level while providing some much-needed relief from bright light in the afternoon.

When it comes to kitchen shutters, consider matching the paint color of your cabinets or matching a contrasting already color in use. Doing this will continue the overall design of your kitchen, and the window shutter will blend in seamlessly.

2. Bathroom Windows

Bathrooms are another perfect place to install barn door window shutters. If your bathroom has especially large windows and you’d rather leave your them exposed to the sunlight during the day while providing privacy to those who live with you and guests alike, then sliding barn door window shutters might be the perfect solution.

Sliding barn door installation and the process to install barn door window shutters are largely the same. If you’ve installed a sliding door elsewhere in your home, then you’ll know how to install sliding window shutters. As long as you have the appropriate amount of space above the window to install your sliding barn door tracks and space on either side of the windows so you can fully open the shutters, the sky is the limit for this project.

If you need some barn door inspiration for your windows, consider matching the shutters to a contrasting color or unique custom colors that already featured in your bathroom. If you don’t want to create a ‘pop’ of color, you can always go with white, cream, or a match the wall color to blend into the walls on either side of your bathroom windows.

3. Floor to Ceiling Windows

If you have floor to ceiling windows, installing door shutters would provide an exceptional look for any room. Depending on your interior design, you can choose a door style that matches and contributes to the decor already present in your home. This is true for farmhouse, modern, contemporary, Mediterranean, cottage, or industrial homes. No matter what you’ve chosen for the interior design in your home, you can find a barn door style and barn door panels that will pair perfectly, providing you with complete privacy at night and shade during the day.

For a modern or contemporary styled home, you’ll want to choose a new barn door with clean lines and modern hardware for the track and handle. Farmhouse styled homes can utilize numerous barn door types and  can be customized to create a weathered or antique look. Industrial style homes will look best with a door style that is simple and straightforward while utilizing industrial barn door hardware.

Mounting sliding barn doors is a relatively straightforward process, whether you’re mounting small window shutters or barn door panels that cover floor to ceiling windows. For door shutters of this size, you’ll want to ensure you have an extra pair of hands or two to help out.

4. Exterior Window Decor

Are you looking to give the outside of your home some serious curb appeal? Then it might just be time to install exterior window decor in the form of a shutter or two. Exterior window shutters are made to handle the weather and harsher conditions of being outside. They’re going to be more resistant to the rain, wind, sun, and, depending on where you live, snow, sleet, and hail.

Exterior barn door hardware is your go-to option when installing exterior window shutters. Just like the exterior window shutters themselves, exterior barn door hardware is crafted to withstand the rigors and abuse of outdoor elements. Regular cleaning and maintenance are important, but products made for installing on the outside of your home will always last longer and be more durable than products that aren’t meant for the outdoors.

Unsure about the style of shutters you want to install? There are numerous barn door styles you can choose from when picking sliding door window shutters; so you can easily match your shutters to the style of the rest of your home.

5. Pool House Windows

If you have a pool house, you know how important it is to keep it aired and open while simultaneously providing the option to keep the inside entirely private. Regular blinds and curtains are a hassle to work with when compared to the ease and functionality of sliding barn door window shutters. Installing sliding shutters will not only upgrade the style of your window space, but it will provide easy-to-use shade, privacy, and coverage when in use by friends or family.

Does your pool house have a specific decor theme in mind? Choose customized sliding barn doors to perfectly match with the interior of your pool house. Simply match the barn door hardware with the style of your interior sliding barn doors and windows, and you’ll be ready for installation.

6. Playhouse Windows

While your child’s playhouse might not be the first place you think of when it comes to decorating and renovating, why not have some fun by upgrading their play area? Playhouses made from wood and crafted to look like a real house will especially benefit from installing a barn door panel at the entrance and window shutters over the prominent window of their play kitchen or living area.

7. She Shed Windows

Does your she shed need some love? Do you want to finish decking out the inside by upgrading your window space? A sliding barn door for the entrance and barn door window shutters might just be the last two things you’re looking for to make the inside of your she shed come together. Don’t settle for regular blinds when you can transform your she shed into a blissful space with window shutters.

Upgrade Your Home with Window Shutters

Installing barn door window shutters can create an updated look for the inside of your home and provide serious curb appeal on the outside. Whether you install these versatile shutters in your kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, office, or another space in your home, you’ll love the ease of operation and the complete privacy they offer. They’re simple to install and easy to match up with any interior design style. So, what are you waiting for? Order your barn door window shutters today!
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