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10 Benefits of Sliding Cabinet Door Hardware

Monday January 24th, 2022
Traditional hinged cabinet doors are still the most common type you'll find in kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms. However, sliding cabinet door hardware is becoming a popular alternative for easy-to-operate, stylish, and functional cabinetry. It's also usually easier to install than traditional hardware, making it an attractive choice for DIYers.

10 Benefits of Sliding Cabinet Door Hardware

  1. Stylish
  2. Functional
  3. Space-Saving
  4. Quick Access
  5. Cost-Effective
  6. Easier Assembly
  7. No Handles Necessary
  8. Non-Visible Hardware
  9. Highly Customizable
  10. Easy to Operate
If you're looking for a different look for your cabinets than regular hinged doors, consider trying sliding cabinet doors. Rather than using hinges that allow the doors to swing open and shut, sliding cabinet door hardware works much like sliding door hardware, letting the doors slide away from each other to open.

Modern kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, and other spaces in homes can benefit from this cabinet door hardware. It's stylish, lending well to modern designs with its ability to stay concealed from view. Plus, sliding cabinet door hardware is often more affordable than traditional cabinet door hardware, among other perks.

10 Benefits of Sliding Cabinet Door Hardware

Are you thinking of switching to sliding cabinet doors for the storage areas in your home? Consider the following benefits of this type of cabinet hardware:

1. Stylish

Sliding barn door cabinet hardware is perfect for use in almost any style. Modern designs tend to accommodate this hardware well, as they favor smooth lines and minimalistic views. Modern hardware for cabinets can stay mostly or fully out of view, depending on their style, while letting cabinet doors open and close with a simple slide back and forth.

However, if you're more into farmhouse door hardware, you can certainly find sliding hardware for cabinet doors that matches your style preferences. Like regular barn doors, sliding cabinet hardware can be more rustic and bold, showcasing larger rolling wheels as eye-catching statement pieces.
Many hardware kits for sliding cabinet doors are also customizable. Choose from shiny stainless steel finishes or a sleek black finish to complement your design and aesthetic.

2. Functional

Cabinet doors can be a drag when their hinges squeak when opening or closing them or when they bump into each other while open. However, sliding bathroom and kitchen cabinet hardware doesn't have the same issue. This door hardware leads to smooth sliding when opening and shutting them. And, because the doors slide on rollers, you’re less likely to hear creaks and squeals like you would from the metal pieces of hinges rubbing against one another.

Put simply, sliding cabinet door hardware is highly functional, no matter where you choose to install it. These doors often require minimal effort to open with one hand, making multitasking in the kitchen or laundry area much simpler and straightforward.

3. Space-Saving

Without the need for doors that swing open into your work area, sliding cabinet doors can save a lot of space. When designing your dream kitchen, consider using barn door cabinet hardware to avoid cramped, inefficient cabinets. Sliding hardware is especially helpful for upper cabinets in kitchens, mudrooms, and storage areas, as they prevent doors from getting in the way of one another—or in your way—when working.

Another benefit of a sliding wall cabinet in terms of saving space is that it can make your room feel much larger. Think about how cramped a bathroom or even a garage can feel when hinged cabinet doors are opened. In contrast, sliding doors simply cross over one another without taking up additional space in the room.

4. Quick Access

A sliding barn door cabinet offers quick access to what's in your upper and lower cabinets. While it doesn't usually take much time to open a hinged cabinet, the ease of opening a sliding cabinet door is unbeatable. There are no handles or magnet closures to work with. Instead, just slide the door open with one hand while you continue working with the other.

Multiple types of sliding cabinet door hardware let you choose one that works for your cabinets and space. Just like a sliding barn door, sliding cabinet doors can come in bi-parting, double bypass, triple bypass, and other systems to allow your cabinet doors to open and close how you need them to.

5. Cost-Effective

Sliding cabinet door hardware can be a more affordable option for storage solutions for bathroom, laundry, and kitchen cabinets than traditional hardware. Rather than purchasing handles and hinges for regular cabinets, your sliding cabinets typically only need the sliding door track and its included screws for installation.

Similarly, if you're building your own sets of cabinets, a sliding cabinet door hardware kit will save money. Overall, sliding cabinets are cheaper to build because they don't require the same amount of framing as regular cabinets do. The sliding doors act as both the door and front frame, so you can save money on not just the hardware kit, but also the other cabinet materials.

6. Easier Assembly

Installing cabinet door hardware for sliding cabinets is a relatively straightforward process that beginner DIYers can handle with ease. Depending on the type of track you choose, you may need to install the track and hangers with attached rolling wheels, or install frameless hardware that gets concealed within the cabinets. Either process takes just a few minutes per door, in most cases.

When you order cabinet door hardware from, you'll get detailed installation instructions to help you complete the project. You get everything you need to install your track with your order. Our customer service representatives are also ready to help you with any problems, questions, or concerns via phone, email, and live chat.

7. No Handles Necessary

Unlike traditional cabinet doors that use a cabinet knob or cabinet door pull as a handle, sliding cabinet doors don't require a handle of any kind. Of course, you can add them if you'd like, but the door’s operation won't be affected if you don't use them.
If you prefer a cleaner, more upscale look in your kitchen, bathroom, or other storage areas, consider using a sliding door for each cabinet to avoid the need for a door handle.

8. Non-Visible Hardware

Similar to not needing a pull handle to open the doors, sliding cabinet doors can have invisible hardware. There are no cabinet hinges sitting on the front face of the cabinets, which can detract from the clean, smooth look you might be going for with a modern cabinet design.

Also, you can find a cabinet door track with concealed hardware that sits within the cabinet rather than on the exterior of the cabinets and doors. This setup is known as frameless cabinet door hardware. It's often used for a glass door system, but you can also use it for other cabinet styles, like French doors or solid wood doors.

The finished result is sleek and sophisticated. With a full set of non-visible hardware cabinetry, you can kick up the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, bathroom, or entertaining area.

9. Highly Customizable

Like hardware for sliding barn doors, you can customize barn door hardware to meet your design and feature preferences. If you'd like your hardware to stand out as much as your cabinets, choose a track and hanger style that fits your design preferences. You can also select a metal finish to customize the color and texture of your hardware kit.

Finally, add the features you want to make your cabinets work a certain way. For example, soft close barn door hardware can keep cabinet doors from banging shut. You can also add cabinet pulls or a cabinet door knob, if desired. You might also consider adding a door lock to specific cabinet doors, like a medicine cabinet or liquor cabinet, for extra protection in the home.

10. Easy to Operate

Your kitchen cabinet door hardware shouldn't feel cumbersome to use. The beauty of sliding cabinet doors is that they're simple for anyone in the home to operate, even people with limited mobility.

Quality sliding cabinet door hardware glides smoothly, making it easy to open the doors with one hand. It’s also is easy to maintain for long-lasting durability.

Where to Install Sliding Cabinet Door Hardware

Sliding cabinet door hardware can come in handy for several cabinet types in different areas of the home. Rather than dealing with a squeaky cabinet hinge and replacing outdated cabinet knobs, you can install cabinet sliding door hardware in the following spaces:

1. Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are some of the most accommodating types of cabinets for sliding doors. The kitchen is usually where you need to multitask the most, and having sliding cabinets rather than traditional cabinets with hinges can save time by providing easier access to everything inside your cabinetry.

Sliding kitchen cabinets have quickly gained popularity over the last few years, and have modernized kitchen design. Some homeowners install sliding glass cabinet doors to display their favorite pieces of dinnerware, while others design a uniform look throughout the space using the same type of door on all the cabinets.

When it comes to using sliding doors for kitchen cabinets, there are virtually endless design options to choose from. Additionally, you can choose from various track designs and finishes, like stainless steel, brushed nickel, and polished brass, to get the right look for your kitchen.

2. Bathroom Vanities and Storage Areas

Bathroom vanities also work well with sliding cabinet door hardware. Sliding doors allow for a clean, streamlined look throughout a space, which often complements bathrooms well.
Sliding doors are the most helpful in tightly-spaced bathrooms. Small bathrooms or half-baths might benefit from this type of hardware that doesn't require doors to swing out into an already cramped space. Add sliding hardware to a vanity or bathroom storage cabinet to maximize the space in a bathroom.

3. Medicine Cabinets

Another idea for the bathroom is a sliding door for a medicine cabinet. Again, this is an excellent idea for small bathrooms that feel cramped with doors in the way. With just a little wall space on each side of the medicine cabinet, a sliding door can move from side to side; allowing easly access the cabinet's contents.
If you have children in the home, you might consider adding a sliding door lock to your medicine cabinet door for added protection.

4. Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry areas can be some of the most cramped spaces in a home, so it's crucial to maximize the space. Cabinets can certainly provide extra storage for towels, laundry detergent, and other essentials. Consider adding cabinet doors with a sliding track for a modern feel with convenient storage.

5. Mudroom Storage

Mudrooms are perfect for transitioning from outside spaces into the rest of your home, especially with kids and pets in the family. Tuck everything neatly away by installing cabinet barn door hardware with sliding doors in mudroom storage areas. These cabinets can hide shoes, backpacks, coats, pet supplies, and other daily essentials that don't need to be left in plain sight.

6. Playroom Storage Areas

Playrooms can be a source of clutter and disorganization in the home. Cabinets with sliding doors can give everything their place, even separating toys and books between multiple kids. Sliding doors are also a great choice for areas with kids, as the doors don't need to swing out, decreasing the chance for pinched fingers.

7. Garages

Store tools, cords, and other essentials in the garage using cabinet storage with sliding doors. This door system is best for garages that store cars or double as work areas, as you can maximize the space more than you could with traditional hinged doors. Cabinet door hardware for sliding doors can accommodate large and small cabinet doors, offering a lot of variation in storage solutions.

8. Office Storage

Whether you have a home office or own an office space for your business, sliding cabinet doors can keep your office organized and looking its best. You might even find that sliding office storage cabinets hold up to regular wear and tear better than traditional cabinets.

9. TV Cabinet

Are you planning on building a TV cabinet or entertainment area in your living room or den? Add sliding cabinet doors for quick and easy access to everything inside. The doors will also give a clean, finished look to the cabinet. Complete the project with a stand-out hardware kit that pulls everything together with polished chrome, nickel, or bronze.  

How to Clean Sliding Cabinet Door Hardware: 7 Helpful Tips

Cleaning your sliding cabinet door hardware regularly is the best way to make it last a lifetime and keep it looking its best. Follow the tips below to clean and maintain your cabinet door hardware:

1. Remove Dust Particles

Before cleaning cabinet door hardware, you should remove any dust particles. Doing so allows you to get a more thorough cleaning of each hardware piece, as dust can act as a buffer between your cabinet hardware and your cleaning solution.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down each part of the hardware, including the track, rollers, and hangers. You should also wipe down the cabinet frame and doors, inside and out, to remove any dust that could travel to the hardware while cleaning.

2. Use the Right Kind of Cleaners

While some household cleaners do a great job cutting through grease and dirt and removing bacteria from the home, they aren't all the right solutions for sliding cabinet hardware. Some are simply too harsh for your kitchen and bath hardware, which is usually made of natural metals that could corrode with certain cleaners.

Consider using more natural cleaners to clean and polish your hardware kits. For instance, distilled white vinegar is a common household cleaner that safely cleans most surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. And, just a tablespoon of olive oil can become the perfect polish for cabinet door tracks to keep them sliding efficiently.

3. Soft Cloths are Best

Avoid using scrub pads or anything abrasive on your cabinet door hardware. Instead, a microfiber cloth is best to prevent dings and scratches to the cabinet hardware.

This type of cloth is also best for cleaning the insides of your cabinets and cabinet doors, but be sure to use a different cloth for each task. This way, you'll prevent any dirt from the cabinets or hardware from transferring over to the other part of the cabinet.
Grab a clean cloth each time you clean, too, for best results.

4. Lubricate Tracks with Oil

Over time, you might find that your bi-parting or bypass cabinet door hardware begins to stick or doesn't roll as easily as it once did. Usually, all that's necessary in this case is a little lubrication with olive oil.

To do this, add about one tablespoon of olive oil onto a clean microfiber cloth. Place your finger inside the cloth where you poured the olive oil, and rub the oiled cloth into the track with your finger. Run it along the full length of the track. Then, rub the cloth on the roller wheels, turning them to cover all sides. Slide the doors back and forth a couple of times to incorporate the oil into the track and wheels.

5. Test Mechanisms Regularly

The best way to find issues with your sliding cabinet doors quickly is to test them regularly, especially if they don't get used frequently. If you notice any problems with their sliding mechanisms, do a quick inspection, cleaning, and lubrication. If that doesn't help, consider contacting the manufacturer for more guidance.
Also, teach family members how to use the doors properly. For example, kids might be inclined to hastily open and shut cabinets. Show them how to gently slide the doors open and closed to keep them in good shape and extend their lifetime.

6. Follow Manufacturer Recommendations

Most importantly, you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations for your specific hardware kit. Kits vary by material and finish, each of which requires different cleaning and maintenance routines. Your kit's manufacturer will include specific instructions maintaining your kit's hardware, including how to clean it safely to avoid disturbing the finish.

If you lost the user guide that came with the kit or can't locate the information you need, reach out to the manufacturer for guidance. All kits from include instructions, but we're just a phone call away to answer any questions and concerns.

7. Create a Regular Schedule

Finally, come up with a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for your cabinet door hardware. How often you clean and spruce it up boils down to what area of the home your cabinets are in and how frequently they get used. For example, kitchen cabinets that are exposed to grease, steam, and other cooking-related particles almost daily could benefit from a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Consider making a cleaning schedule for your home and adding your cabinet door hardware to the list. Checkmark which days of the week or month you'd like to clean them, and try to stick to it to get into the habit of consistent cleaning and maintenance.

The Many Benefits of Sliding Cabinet Door Hardware offers everything you need to install sliding cabinet door hardware in your home. Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom with a barn door bathroom vanity or overhaul your kitchen area with sliding cabinet doors, we have decorative hardware to fit every style and need, from rustic to industrial.

Start by choosing a track kit you love. Then, choose whether you need a single, bi-parting, or bypass system. From there, customize each part of the track, including its finish, length, pre-drilled holes, and soft-close option. Most of our cabinet hardware kits are available in black, brushed stainless steel, and dark bronze finishes to match the numerous design needs for mudrooms, garages, laundry areas, kitchens, and more.

Each kit includes all the hardware necessary for you to complete your cabinet project as easily as possible. Plus, you'll get a detailed installation guide explaining each step of the process for a convenient DIY. We also offer a 30-day return policy if you find any defects with your hardware kits.
Visit today to choose your favorite new cabinet door hardware.
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