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9 Decorative Barn Doors to Maximize Function and Style

Wednesday March 9th, 2022
When it comes to turning a house into a home the doors are an important part of your planning for room flow, organization, function and style. Decorative barn doors can provide you with a maximum amount of function while providing a style that elevates your home.

9 Decorative Barn Doors

  1. Brace Barn Door
  2. Half X Barn Door
  3. X Barn Door
  4. Classic 2 Panel Barn Door
  5. Horizontal Panel Barn Door
  6. Single Panel Glass Barn Door
  7. Midcentury 3 Panel Barn Door
  8. Traditional Glass Barn Door
  9. French Panel Barn Door
Barn doors add a unique and distinctive style to every room they are placed in, and contribute to the overall function and design of your home. No matter what style of barn door you choose, from solid wood to metal and glass, you’ll enjoy an updated, fresh, and sleek look that a barn door provides.

9 Decorative Barn Doors to Maximize Function and Style

If you’re currently looking for a sliding barn door to add to your space, consider one of these top-sellers from

1. Brace Barn Door

The Brace Barn Door is one of the most popular decorative barn doors we sell. The classic arrow design is created by placing an overlay of two wood arms that slant diagonally, with a middle wood arm placed horizontally onto the door face. This design contrasts nicely with the vertical slats and border slats that frame the door.

Decorative sliding barn doors like this are perfect for homes that feature a rustic decor scheme and are ideal for use in any room. This door is a classic showstopper, and works exceptionally well for throughways from a living area into another room, bedrooms, offices, and rec rooms. This decorative barn door is meant to be seen, so we recommend installing it in an area where members of your family and guests alike can admire it.  

All our decorative interior barn doors are fully customizable, which means you can craft this door to make it look exactly the way you desire. Do you have a vision for what this door should look like? Make it happen with our customization options including dimensions, wood species, finish, and texture. Create a classic, rustic door by choosing alder wood, a barn grey stain, and a weathered texture. Highlight the modern rustic look in your home by opting for poplar and painting it in a color that matches your home, like indigo blue, teal, grey, or white.

No matter how you customize the Brace Barn Door, it’s sure to look stunning.

2. Half X Barn Door

The Half X Barn Door features a classic country rustic look with a bit of Dutch flair thrown in. Dutch-style doors have two parts: a top, and a bottom. Both parts can be closed at the same time, or the top portion can be opened to let in fresh air. While the Half X Barn Door isn’t a full Dutch door, the style is reminiscent of the two-part Dutch style.

The top portion of the door features a field of vertical wood slats. The middle of this beautiful barn door features a horizontal overlay which contributes to the feeling of a split-style door. The bottom features an overlay of the classic ‘X’ design that barn doors are known for.

Decorative barn doors in the house pair exceptionally well with interior designs that feature a rustic, vintage, or shabby chic style. Depending on your customization preferences, you can make this door appear as if it came straight from an old barn, or style it to look fresh and new.

The wood species you choose for this door will significantly play into the look and feel of the room you plan to place it in. Poplar wood is often painted so that the door matches or accents a specific interior color in the home. Walnut, on the other hand, is typically stained or clear coated to show off the beautiful nature of the rich, dark wood.

After you’ve determined what you want your door to look like, take some time to look over our farmhouse door hardware options. Sliding decorative barn doors can all be paired with barn door hardware that perfectly complements your door. If you want a barn door latch to secure the door when closed, you purchase this piece of hardware at the same time, as well.

No matter how you style this sliding door, we especially love seeing it installed in studies, closets, master bedroom entryways, and dining rooms.

3. X Barn Door

The X Barn Door is a classic barn door kit that will fit in well in any ranch house or home that features a shabby chic or rustic interior design. A full-length ‘X’ overlay stands out against the vertical slats and border slats that frame the door. If you want a sliding barn door with a classic country look, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Because this door has such a versatile style, you can install it in practically any area of the home. It’s perfect for out-of-the-way spaces, like closets, when you want to dress up a space that is normally boring or lacking inspiration. It’s also good for kids’ rooms, playrooms, and rec rooms thanks to the ‘X’ overlay that contributes to the style and durability of this door. The X Barn Door can also be used for spaces that need double barn doors.

This door takes customization incredibly well, and you can really amp up the level of rustic or shabby chic depending on your choices. Choose alder wood if you want the natural grain patterns and knots to show through. Alder wood, barn grey stain or abandoned blue paint, with a worn, distressed, or weathered texture will make your door look like you repurposed an old barn door that came straight from the family ranch. Pick the paintable poplar wood with a sleek provincial stain or solid color paint, and now you have a more modern look and feel to your door that pairs well with modern rustic, shabby chic, and other contemporary styles.

Planning on using this style for barn door shutters on windows or as sliding barn door shutters to hide a TV or dishwasher? You’ll be happy to know that these interior barn doors size down perfectly for those needs as well.

4. Classic 2 Panel Barn Door

If you’re looking for pocket door or sliding barn door ideas that work well for homes with more modern aesthetics, the Classic 2 Panel Barn Door might be the answer. This door features clean vertical lines with an overlay of a horizontal arm in the center and border accents all the way around.

Of all the barn door styles we offer, this one can blend in with the most interior design styles. We also think this door looks exceptional in homes that have cottage, cape cod, or craftsman-style architecture. Depending on your customizations, you can tailor it to accent a specific color in your home or provide a pop of color. There’s no going wrong with this door—whether you integrate it into a room design that flows together or use it to create a unique focal piece.

You can be incredibly creative when it comes to customizing this door. The biggest question to ask yourself is what you’re looking to accomplish. Do you want the door to make a bold, colorful statement? Do you want it to blend in with the rest of the decor and environment? Do you want it to add to the style of your home and contribute to the featured interior design style?

For a bold, colorful pop, we’d recommend choosing poplar wood and having it painted a solid color. If you want the wood to shine through, then go with alder and choose a stain to highlight the grain. Distressed texture finishes can add a bit of shabby chic flair to the door. If you want it to look like the barn door panels are crafted from reclaimed wood, choose alder and a stain that complements the interior of your home, with a texture such as the weathered or worn look. Finally, choose a barn door hardware kit that complements the overall style of the door and interior decor.

5. Horizontal Panel Barn Door

The Horizontal Panel Barn Door features horizontal wood slats, unadorned with any overlay, border, or cross pieces. Because of its simple style, this is one of several barn door styles that can fit in with a variety of interior designs, from styles that highlight a rustic charm to more modern spaces. With the right barn door hardware, this barn style door can even work as a cross-over industrial barn door.

The Horizontal Panel Barn Door works very well as a double door for those looking to cover a larger entryway. Single and double barn doors both are ideal when you’re looking to reduce the footprint of traditional door space.

The style and design of this door lends itself to customization, and we encourage you to choose options that work best with the style of your interior space. Depending on your barn door inspiration, you could choose a solid paint color to blend in, or a contrasting color for a bit of pop or accent in your space. Choose a stain for a more earthy look and opt for textures, such as the weathered look, if you want the door to contribute to a more rustic style. Take some time to think through your style, and then add the final touches by adding custom barn door hardware to your order.

6. Single Panel Glass Barn Door

The Single Panel Glass Barn Door is simple and sophisticated with a large ,single panel of glass surrounded by metal framing. Inspired by the original French Doors of the French Renaissance period, this door is ideal for several circumstances. Many who choose this door want to maximize the amount of natural light that shines through each room. Others appreciate that it allows them to maintain a line of sight from one room into the next, even with the door closed. Still, other customers who purchase this door appreciate the ability to have a door while maintaining the open feel of the room they’re in.

This is one of our most popular decorative glass barn doors, and it’s easy to see why. As an interior sliding barn door, it can define spaces and provide a gorgeous entryway; taking up wall space, not floor space, while still allowing light to flow from one room to the next.

It’s also fully customizable, so you can tailor the look to match your dining room, library, or sunroom. Choose a barn red finish for the metal for a home that thrives on pops of colors, or go with black if you want a classic look and style. White can provide a very clean look that is popular in farmhouse-style homes.

You can also customize the glass door panel. Keep it perfectly see-through for maximum clarity, choose a vintage finish to pair well with rustic and farmhouse styles, or step back in time with retro, palm, or citrus finishes. Whichever door style you choose, you’re sure to love having it in your home.

7. Midcentury 3 Panel Barn Door

The Midcentury 3 Panel Barn Door has a unique style that looks stunning in any living space. This wooden barn door features three offset square glass panels. Combined, the look is one of clean lines and a timeless mid-century feel.

You can choose between alder and poplar wood, depending on your finish preferences. While alder has a more rustic feel, it looks stunning with a simple stain or when painted. Poplar is typically painted, and is ideal if you want a pop of color without the woodgrain or natural wood elements showing through.

Customization options ensure you can purchase personalized sliding barn doors that meet your needs, style, and design preferences. In addition to the wood species and finish customizations, you can specify the dimensions, hardware options, hangers, floor guide, and glass finish. You can keep the glass crystal clear, or choose a distinct style that provides privacy or pairs with the interior design already present in your home.

While not always needed, heavy duty sliding barn door tracks are ideal for doors that will see a lot of use. This is a popular door that gets installed in entryways, such as offices and studies, and if that’s your plan, a floor guide and soft closure will come in handy.

8. Traditional Glass Barn Door

The Traditional Glass Barn Door is another one of our beautiful decorative interior barn doors. Of all our glass barn doors, this is the only one that features glass panels, a metal grid, and a metal kickplate as well. The kickplate is solely for design, as this is not a door that should receive excessive use and abuse. However, the extra metal at the bottom, combined with the three glass panels and metal grid, creates a modern-looking glass door that is perfect for many rooms and styles.

This sliding glass door works well in a variety of home settings, from study and sunroom entrances to master bedroom attached-bath entrances and office entryways. The design adds a bold dose of modern flair, and works best in modern or contemporary homes. Art studios, offices, and museums would also benefit from an installation of this door.

As with every door offers, it's fully customizable, meaning you can choose the exact metal finish you desire, as well as the glass finish. Add the preferred sliding barn door hardware to your order, and you’ll have a ready-to-install door that you’ll love for years to come.

9. French Panel Barn Door

The French Panel Barn Door is a stunning glass door that is comprised of eight glass squares held in place by a metal grid and a metal surround. This adds a beautiful contemporary style and flair to any room you choose. We especially love installing glass barn doors at the entrance to a study, dining room, office, or master bedroom.

The French Panel Barn Door is perfect for anyone looking for a decorative glass barn door for areas where you need the physical separation a glass door can provide while allowing natural light to stream through. It’s also ideal for keeping your line of sight uninhibited from one room to another.

This is one of several glass barn doors we offer, all of which can be completely customized and made just right for any space that would benefit from interior barn doors. Firstly, the metal framing can be customized with your choice of finish. While many prefer the bold look of black, raw steel, or bronze, you can also choose white for a grid that blends in, or red for a fun pop of color.

Secondly, the glass panels themselves can also be customized. Clear allows the best line of sight or the most natural light to filter through, while frosted provides a higher level of privacy. Vintage or spectrum textures incorporate a shabby chic feel, while retro, palm, and crested give a very distinctive throw-back feel.

There are so many ways to customize glass doors, take your time choosing the style that works best for your home.

How to Use Decorative Barn Doors

There are so many uses for decorative barn doors, we may never be able to list them all. You can place a barn door just about anywhere in your home where you want to add a bit of style, function, and organization. We especially enjoy installing decorative barn doors for use as:
  • Closet Doors
  • Laundry Doors
  • Pantry Doors
  • Bedroom Doors
  • Office and Study Doors
  • Dining Room Double Barn Doors
  • Sunroom Doors
  • All-Season Room Doors
  • Wine Cellar Doors
These are just a few ways you can utilize full-size barn doors in your home. When you add mini barn doors into the mix, the list just keeps going. You can use small sliding doors to:
  • Conceal a dishwasher
  • Cover windows
  • Conceal storage space
  • Hide open shelving
  • Dress up a kitchen island or coffee bar
  • Hide a TV
  • Hide a fireplace
Mini barn doors install just as easily as full-size barn doors, but you have the added advantage of being able to do a solo installation. These small units can often be installed in just an hour from start to finish.
If choosing to install a small version of a full-size barn door, make sure you choose the right barn door hardware that is sized for a smaller door. And, as always, remember that you can fully customize any door according to dimensions, preferred colors, and hardware styles. Whether you install a large or small door, every barn door from can be tailored to fit your home space perfectly.

Boost the Style and Function of Your Home

No matter what style of door you choose, all our decorative barn doors will look stunning, and provide increased function anywhere in your home. From pantries and closets to master bedrooms, sunrooms, and libraries, these beautiful and functional doors save floor space and add a unique style to your home.

While full-size barn doors are best for larger entryways and storage enclosures, smaller-sized sliding barn doors can hide a myriad of items, from kitchen appliances or bathroom medicine cabinets to your dishwasher and TV. The best part is that every door can be customized to any size and style you’re going for. With intuitive installation guides from, installation is a breeze rather than a frustration; you’ll be enjoying your barn door in just a matter of hours.

At, we’re proud to offer high-quality barn doors that are fully customizable. We’re the perfect place to go when you want to purchase a custom barn door or have a say in designing the newest addition to your home. Choose the style, design, color, hardware, and dimensions of your sliding barn door to ensure that it matches the design choices you’ve selected for your home and contributes to the overall design, function, and flow.
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