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Sliding Door Hardware - Interior and Exterior

Sliding door hardware is the hottest interior design trend of the 21st Century. Studies have shown that every house built today will have at least one sliding door or doorway. Every month homeowners pick barn door hardware to add value and beauty to a home renovation. Every quarter a new start-up chooses sliding glass hardware to be the focal point of a new open office design.

But sliding door hardware can also be intimidating and hard to understand. It is too easy to get lost in the verbiage. “Do I need flat track hardware? Is that the same as barn door hardware? What’s the difference between MWE stainless steel sliding hardware and a KrownLab Stainless steel sliding hardware kit?”

We understand and hopefully this page will help unravel the complexities of sliding door hardware.

Flat Track Hardware, or The Original Barn Door Hardware

When most people think of sliding door hardware they think of barn door hardware. And when they think of barn door hardware what 99% of people want is flat track hardware.

Why is flat track hardware called flat track? Well, simply, it’s a type of sliding door hardware that is flat and rolls on a track. At its core flat track sliding door hardware is simple and rustic, and harkens back to the type of hardware fashioned by farmers and ranchers for their barns.

Barn door hardware features several types of flat track hardware.

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Our 1/4″ Flat Track Hardware kits features the grand daddy of all barn door and sliding hardware: the 401 and 402 flat track hardware kit. Rugged, with a thicker track, perfect for exterior installations and heavy duty jobs.

Modern Sliding Door Hardware, or Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless steel sliding door hardware is door hardware for those who want a more modern or refined look. Stainless steel door hardware also gives you the option to use glass doors instead of wood doors. features three main lines of stainless steel hardware.

Our modern hardware line features an affordable stainless steel option for any project. Available in a variety of styles and available for glass mount and wood door mounts.
KrownLab offers completely unique designs that have taken the sliding door hardware world by storm. KrownLab’s product line is spearheaded by the Oden, Winner of Architectural Record’s Product of the Year 2016
MWE represents the gold, or rather stainless steel, standard. Made in Germany, MWE Stainless Steel Hardware represents the pinnacle of design and style. For those who want nothing less than the best, it is MWE.
We are also proud to unveil Jasmine Hardware
Box Track Hardware, or the Real Original Sliding Door Hardware

Before barn door hardware became the must have standard for sliding doors, box track was the standard for sliding door hardware. And box track hardware is still popular among contractors and designers who dislike the look of exposed hardware.

We offer box track hardware in Regular and Soft-Close models

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