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10 White Barn Doors for a Classic and Clean Look

Monday February 14th, 2022
A sliding barn door is sometimes all it takes to completely transform the look of a room. With virtually endless style options and systems, like glass barn doors and double barn doors, sliding barn doors have become a welcome addition to today's homes. However, one trend happens to be stepping into the spotlight more than others: the white barn door.

10 White Barn Doors

  1. Brace Barn Door
  2. X Barn Door
  3. Classic 2 Panel Barn Door
  4. Half X Barn Door
  5. Horizontal Panel Barn Door
  6. Midcentury 3-Panel Barn Door
  7. Traditional Glass Barn Door
  8. Single Panel Glass Barn Door
  9. Minimalist Barn Door
  10. French Panel Barn Door
Depending on how it's painted, textured, and styled, a white barn door can look rustic, elegant, or even industrial. It's one of the most versatile door style options for an exterior or interior door, fitting into just about any home design style.

Like other sliding doors, your sliding barn door hardware kit can change the look of your white sliding barn door entirely, presenting even more potential sliding options. This trend looks like it's here to stay for a while. The good news is that the white barn door is timeless, so you can expect it to look beautiful in your home for years to come.

Top 10 White Barn Doors

A sliding barn door brings several benefits to the home, whether you want to install one in the interior or exterior.

Aside from being super stylish no matter where it goes, a sliding door can save space compared to a traditional door. Rather than swinging out into a room, it just slides back and forth along a wall, so you can keep your much-needed space available for furniture and moving around.

Sliding doors are also highly functional because they can be customized to your needs. Whether you want a single door to close the laundry room or custom barn doors to separate a large room, you can get exactly what you need when ordering from the right company, like

A white barn door, in particular, can bring a whole new personality to your home. White exterior or interior barn doors can be made of different materials, like steel or reclaimed wood, offering varying textures and designs to take spaces from rustic to chic and vice versa. And, there are plenty of white barn door ideas floating around online for you to get inspiration from.

Consider adding a rustic white barn door or white modern barn door to your home. Here are some popular options from that you can customize with a white finish or white paint to create a beautiful addition to any door opening.

1. Brace Barn Door

The Brace Barn Door is a classic farmhouse door that looks perfect when transformed into a white barn door. Dress it up as a modern white barn door or leave it more rustic as a white washed barn door. Our farmhouse door hardware is an excellent match for the Brace Barn Door.

One of our most popular interior sliding barn door options, the Brace Barn Door includes two panels connected with mortise and tenon joints for sturdiness and long-lasting durability. Vertical planks are offset with a horizontal and diagonal plank design for an eye-catching look, all outlined with a solid wood frame.

The default alder construction is best for stains, but you can choose poplar as an alternative if you'd prefer white paint. Popular white finishes include Rustica Wash, White Glaze, and Stripped White, but choosing Simply White paint will create a clean, seamless white look for more modern spaces.

2. X Barn Door

The X Barn Door looks like it came straight off an old farmhouse barn with its vertical planks and criss-cross plank pattern overlay. Pair it with one of our interior or exterior barn door hardware kits to make it fit perfectly into any space, whether you're going for a rustic style or something more upscale.

Choose from several texture options if you'd like a white distressed barn door look, including Weathered, Worn, or Adzed. We offer several white finish options, with Primer White giving a clean-cut, bright white look and White Glaze allowing the wood's natural grain to show through. You can also opt for a custom look using the paint code of your choice; just choose custom finish when ordering your door.

3. Classic 2 Panel Barn Door

The Classic 2 Panel Barn Door fits styles with clean, geometric lines, like midcentury modern or contemporary. Vertical planks sit within a solid wood frame made of alder or poplar with one horizontal plank through the middle. The design adds sturdy reinforcement and a simple, minimalistic door style that brings function and beauty to almost any space.

Like our other wood doors, the Classic 2 Panel Barn Door is available in several white finishes for a rustic, traditional, modern, or distressed white barn door. Add a texture of your choice to personalize the door even more and help it fit your bathroom, laundry room, or bedroom style. Choose one of our many flat track hardware options, including our No Show Barn Door Hardware, to complete the look.

4. Half X Barn Door

The Half X Barn Door combines the Classic 2 Panel Barn Door with the X Barn Door for a completely unique style to add to a laundry area, living den, or kitchen. Customers can also choose to have the door rated for outdoor use to add to a shed, barn, or indoor-outdoor living space.

Engineered alder creates a strong and reliable wooden door that doesn't warp or split. The barn door kit includes mortise and tenon connections for extra support. Additional wood options, like cherry, birch, and hickory, allow their own characters to shine through on stained or painted doors.

Available finishes for a white barn door include Chapel White, Primer White, Rustica Wash, and Stripped White.

5. Horizontal Panel Barn Door

Few doors can match the eye-catching look of the Horizontal Panel Barn Door. Wide horizontal planks stacked atop one another to your custom height preferences yield a stunning design with clean lines and just the right amount of farmhouse style.

Stained white, this barn door adds a stand-out focal point to any space, including an office, kitchen pantry, or entryway. Textures like Distressed and Band Saw add a straightforward rustic element to the door. To create a white barn door, consider staining it with Rustica Wash or Stripped White stains. Or, select Finish Ready at checkout to get a ready-to-finish door that's prepped for painting in your chosen white or off-white shade.

6. Midcentury 3-Panel Barn Door

The Midcentury 3-Panel Barn Door is unlike any other barn door you'll find in our collection. This solid wood door features three small glass panels that help capture light in small spaces. With several glass options, like Frosted, Crested, and Fluted, you can get the right amount of privacy in your space without sacrificing natural light.

This door is a fantastic addition to a dining room, study entrance, or office space.

Transform the Midcentury 3-Panel Barn Door into a white barn door with our numerous texture and finish options. If you're looking for something different than pure white, try an off-white paint like Swiss Coffee or the grey-toned Owl Grey.

7. Traditional Glass Barn Door

The Traditional Glass Barn Door blends striking metal accents with clear, light-catching glass panels. A good match for contemporary design, the Traditional Glass Barn Door offers plenty of natural light into a space, making it ideal for a patio door or entrance into an office, play area, or another spot in the home that could use something airy and light.

White is an option for the metal finish, allowing you to have a more modern white barn door look. Depending on your space's design, you can opt for rustic or industrial door hardware; either style looks great with this door.
Like our other glass barn doors, choose a glass style from transparent clear to non-see-through mirrored for the glass panels.

8. Single Panel Glass Barn Door

For the ultimate amount of natural sunshine in your space, choose the Single Panel Glass Barn Door. It's certainly not a traditional white barn door with its minimalist metal frame and large glass panel, but you can choose to upgrade the metal with our bright white finish to get the look you want.

This door is great for patios or separators for dining rooms and kitchens, gathering inspiration from French doors designed to be functional and stylish. Let the maximum amount of light in by keeping the glass its default clear style or get a bit more privacy from Deep Freeze, Crested, Spectrum, and other glass designs.

9. Minimalist Barn Door

A white glass barn door can really make a space feel more open and breezy. The Minimalist Barn Door might just become your new favorite addition to your space with its three glass panels and simple metal frame. Perfect for use as a white barn door with mirror, consider switching out the glass panels to mirrored glass to use the door in a closet entrance.

Our modern hardware kits match well with this door, taking it from sleek to industrial. Many of our modern and flat track hardware kits are available in multiple finish options, like Grey Steel and Industrial Bronze, to complement any white barn door.

10. French Panel Barn Door

If French doors and shabby chic are your style inspirations, the French Panel Barn Door could be your perfect white barn door choice. The door includes eight glass panels set in horizontal and vertical metal framing for a beautiful focal point in any space, especially studies, entranceways, and dining areas. It comes with pre-installed hangers, saving you time with your DIY installation.

A white metal finish is optional with this door. Choose it while customizing your white barn door's height, width, pull side, and glass type. Spectrum, Retro, and Citrus are a few unique glass customization options for the French Panel Barn Door.

Choose a Beautiful White Barn Door for Your Space

Are you convinced that a white wash barn door is just what your space needs to get the look you've wanted? sells glass panel and solid wood sliding barn doors that you can customize with white paint or a white finish to mimic your Pinterest favorites.

When you order, choose your door finish and textures. We have several white and off-white options for painted doors, like Primer White, Rustica Wash, and Simply White. Further customize your wood door by texture with options like Weathered, Band Saw, and Worn.

We ensure the utmost quality for our custom-built modern and rustic barn doors so that you'll be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Don’t put that crisp, clean aesthetic off any longer—shop for your all custom white barn door and barn door hardware needs.
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